New York!

2004 Conference
The 14th Annual National meeting starts on Thursday, January 15 and continues through Sunday, January 18, 2004, in New York.

Pre-Conference Workshops start at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, and include a special workshop for EWMC Chapter Presidents and EWMC Advisory Committee members, and a New Member Orientation.

The Opening Plenary Session begins promptly at 9:00 a.m. Friday morning. Plenary sessions, workshops, panel discussions, and formal EWMC business will be conducted Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Awards Banquet and Scholarship presentation will be Saturday evening, and the Conference will end no later than 2:00 p.m. on Sunday.

The registration fee is $190.00, and includes meeting materials, the banquet dinner on Saturday, plus 2004 EWMC membership dues ($40.00).

Article IV, Section 4 requires payment of the current year's membership dues before admission to the meeting.

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HOTEL The Conference hotel is the Hilton New York, 1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019. For sleeping room or 1-800-HILTONS. The special EWMC room rate is $135.00 for a single or double room and is available January 13th - 19th. The rates are subject to tax and assessment, currently at 13.65%. The rate is available on a first come first serve basis.

Travel You may contact Adrienne Miller (spouse of EWMC member Gus Miller) at Walker Travel and Cruises (800-503-9272), if you desire assistance in making your travel arrangements.

Committees Members interested in serving on any of the committees described in Article VI (Registration; Rules and Order of Business; Resolutions/Bylaw Amendments; and Sergeant-At-Arms) should submit a written request to president Robbie Sparks no later then December 12, 2003, c/o Secretary/Treasurer at P.O. Box 642, El Cerrito, CA 94530.

Scholarship Winner

Ashley Robinson, the daugher of Gerry Robinson IBEW Local 613, won our last $500 scholarship.
Congratulations Ashley!
Ashley graduated from Lithonia High School with a B+ average in May 2002, in the top 25% of her class. She received a College Preparatory Diploma. While in high school, she was a saxophone section leader of the marching band, a member of the Melvin Hodges District Jazz Band, and played golf and soccer, both at the varsity level. She was also principle tenor saxophonist for the orchestra and concert band, and a member of the Sankofa Club.

She plans to double major at Georgia State University in Musical Education, and Musical Composition and Arranging, with a possible minor in Jazz studies. After college she hopes to become a secondary or post-secondary band director.

2003 Scholarship

Apply now! The EWMC will award its third annual scholarship to the child of a member in good standing of the National EWMC at the 14th Annual National Meeting in New York. The meeting will be held January 15 - 18, 2004.

A scholarship candidate must be the child of a National EWMC member and a high school student who has graduated or will graduate in 2003. A copy of the diploma or a letter from the high school confirming graduation in 2003 must be attached to the scholarship request.

Scholarships are approved for enrollment in a State certified trade school or a college certified by the Department of Education and accredited by the local accrediting association.

Only those scholarship request letters mailed to the EWMC at P.O. Box 642, El Cerrito, CA 94530 by certified, return receipt mail and postmarked no later than December 31, 2003, will be eligible for consideration for the 2003 scholarship.

Special Gratitude
A special thanks goes out to Marvin Kropke, Business Manager of Local 11, all of the member of Local 11, and Beverly Clardy, President of the Los Angeles EWMC Chapter. The tremendous support and hospitality of the Business Manager, Staff and members of Local 11 will always be remembered.

Special Appreciation
The Santiago Iglesias Educational Society donated $500 to our Scholarship Fund. The check was presented at our 2003 Conference. We sincerely appreciate the generosity of the officers and members of the Santiago Iglesias Educational Society.

Special Thanks
Many special thanks to everyone who helped make the 2003 conference a success and special thanks to the following members:

Robbin sparks, Russell Ponder, Beverly Clardy, Milton Foster, Patrick Lavin, Michael Davis, Dorothy Fortier, Edwin Lopez, Melvin Horton, Linda Sanchez, Art Jones, Michael Mowrey, Harry Sorrell, Royetta Sanford, Yvette Goods, Fred Naranjo, Victor Uno, Sherilyn Wright, George Jackson, Rick Garcia, Cisco Alvarado, Diana Limon, Tommy Thomas, Donna Ambeau, Hillary Colbert, Cheryle Farrell, Bridget Hall, Shawn McLoud, John Mendoza, Lula Washington, Geralyn Washington-Tatum, Tommy Adams, Joseph Bailey III, Al Fortier, Douglas Griffith, John E. Harriel, Bob Palanech, Jann Whetstone, Eric Brown, Carlton Chew, James Jones, Gary Parker, Jane Templin, Tony Wilson, David Flowers, Heerey Gaston, and Michael Keas.

Bridget Hall is serving her first term as an IBEW Local 595 Local Executive Board member. Mike Evans reported that Ilene Ferrell, IBEW Local 48, Russell Ponder, IBEW Local 134, and Geri Harston, IBEW Local 134, Graduated from the National Labor College. Mike is very pleased to announce that three of the five IBEW members who received Bachelors Degrees are EWMC members.
Dorothy Fortier, IBEW Local 1245, is the Alameda County Central Labor Council's 2003 Unionists of the year.
Marvin Kropke, was re-elected Business Manager-Financial Secretary, IBEW Local 11.
Rick Garcia, was elected as Vice President, IBEW Local 11. Luis G. Restrepo is serving his first term as the Vice President of IBEW Local 3.

Editor: Robbie Sparks
Contributors: Dorothy Fortier, Edwin Lopez, Fred Naranjo and Sherilyn Wright

  2003 Conference
By Sherilyn K. Wright

The Conference started off early this year with a Chapter Presidents meeting on Thursday night. this differed from previous years, as the Chapter Presidents had never all met together. This started the Conference off with the theme of education the members as the history and purpose of the EWMC and encouraging them to organize in both the EWMC and IBEW. Friday began with a new member orientation that was held before the General session. President Robbie Sparks spoke to the new attendees about the history behind the EWMC and its mission statement. With this session, new members began the conference with a clear understanding of the EWMC.

When the general session began, attendees were presented with many interesting and motivating speakers. A few speakers that seemed to especially capture everyone's attention were Mel Horton, IBEW Vice President; Kent Wong, Director, UCLA Labor Center; and Cecelie Counts, AFL-CIO Legislative Representative.

Brother Horton provided the group with a thought provoking discussion on Labor History. Mr. Wong roused the crowd when he spoke of Asian Labor History and his own involvement in organizing Asian immigrants. And last, but not least, Ms. Counts gave a political overview that sent many away promising to start political committees at their Locals. Saturday night at the awards banquet several members were honored that have been an integral part of the EWMC for many years. The emphasized how important it is to know and understand the history and purpose of the organization and to carry on the message for the future. Sunday's session provided attendees with Labor statistics in their area to help realize the organizing potential for them locally. Later, individuals were allowed to bring their concerns forward and brainstorm with others to provide a plan of action. The conference ended with some of the following statements:

"This is the best Conference of all I've attended." "Next year won't come soon enough." "I wish this was more than once a year." "I can't wait to take all of this home." "This is the best EWMC ever."

2003 Los Angeles, CA

By Fred Naranjo

One hundred and seventy delegates to the 13th Annual Electrical Workers Minority Caucus convened on Friday, January 17, 2003, for a full weekend of informative workshops and inspirational keynote speakers. "Building to Win -Building to Last" was the theme of the weekend's events, organizing, and organizing to win - so the IBEW and the EWMC can build to last into the 21st century. Brother Milton Foster, IBEW/IEC Chair; Patrick Lavin, IBEW/IEC 7th District board member; and Art Pulaski, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the California Labor Federation extended greetings to the Delegates. Melvin Horton, IBEW International Vice President of the 5th District conducted an excellent workshop entitled "Legacy: Learning from the Past to Build a Better Future."

Miguel Contreras, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, spoke of the gains made in L.A. County through each different union working together as a united force to achieve a common goal. The delegates were honored to have IBEW member and newly elected Congress Woman Linda Sanchez, 39th Congressional District - CA address them about the coming events scheduled for the 108th Congress. The IBEW Branch Caucuses followed Sister Sanchez's presentation. Art Jones, IBEW 9th District International Representative and Susie Barber, IBEW 6th District International Representative, led the Industrial Caucus. Ralph Merriweather, IBEW 7th District International Representative, led the Construction Caucus.

Saturday, January 18th brought greetings from Michael Mowrey, IBEW 9th District International Vice President; Kent Wong, Director, UCLA Labor Center University of California, Los Angeles, spoke on new immigration laws; Eric Darrisaw has a presentation on the A. Phillip Randolph Institute; an was followed by Evelina Alarcon, National Coordinator for the National Cesar Chavez Holiday Campaign. Cecelie Counts, AFL-CIO Legislative Representative, from Washington D.C. informed the delegates about "The Corporate Agenda" and its affects on worklng families. Rounding out the afternoon were workshops on Union Privillege Mortgage & Real Estate Programs as well as Personal Financial Management, which were both well received by the delegates who attended. Sunday, January 19th Sister Royetta Sanford, Director of the IBEW Human Services Department, led the morning off with an Open Space Issues that they felt were important to labor. They ranged from child care for apprentices, the war on Iraq, consequences on organizing, increasing membership in the EWMC, and increasing minority political awareness. All delegates broke up into groups to brainstorm solutions. It was a busy weekend for all the Delegates that participated in the program. We took a lot of information with us to pass on to fellow members at our respective local unions.

Bylaws Amendments
In accordance with the provisions of Article IX, Section 2, proposed Bylaws Amendments and proposed Resolutions must be received at P.O. Box 642, El Cerrito, CA 94530, no later than January 3, 2004.

Executive Committee
Please mail membership status questions and new member applications to Dorothy Fortier, EWMC Secretary-Treasurer.

Address other questions or concerns to the Executive Committee member in the area closest to you.

Robbie Sparks
President/Business Mgr.
Local 2127, Atlanta, GA

Vice President
Russ Ponder, Bus. Rep.
Local134, Chicago, IL

Dorothy Fortier, ABM
Local 1245, Vacaville, CA

Mike Davis, Business Mgr.
Local 2100, Louisville, KY

Yvette Goods, Electrician
Local 1, St. Louis, MO

Edwin Lopez, Bus. Rep.
Local 3, New York, NY

Fred Naranjo, Ex. Board
Local 66, Houston, TX

Harry Sorrell
President/Business Mgr.
Local 1700, New Orleans, LA

Sherilyn Wright, Bus. Rep.
Local 111, Denver, CO